Entrepreneurs dedicated to make health related start-ups successful


Singulab… is a Hungarian „healthcare” business incubator founded in 2017. We help start-ups to validate their products / services in top healthcare institutions and present them to internationally recognized companies throughout Europe. By the end of our program mentored start-ups will be investment grade with prime refence sites and blue chip industrial customers.

We are unique...

Direct connection to more than 140 leading organisations such as pharma, medtech, payers, research institutions and universities

Extensive international mentor network throughout Europe

Close cooperation with European Institution of Innovation and Technology’s health cohort


We do not consider ourselves as investors, rather in-house-entrepreneurs with professional expertise.

Executive board

Zsolt Makra PhD

Ferenc Molnár PhD

Innovation catalysts

Dániel Gyurkó

Ádám Sebestyén

Gabriella Varga

Advisory board

Balazs Fürjes


Every cent must be spent smartly to create something unique that provides tangible value to customers, addresses a specific need, and solves a certain problem.

To launch your next big idea at Singulab we help you in:

  • pitching your idea
  • setting your team
  • researching your market needs
  • validating and iterating your idea throughout EU,
  • building your product
    (Prototype, MVP, or marketable product)
  • getting your first clients
  • planning your strategy and business model
  • diversifying your customers
  • expanding internationally with special focus on EU, and the Chinese market
  • appealing for the next round of investors

Health related start-ups can apply from any of the following early-stage phase:


idea incubation


iterating and testing assumption


seeking for international expansion


Money is a generic commodity, solely the access to financial resources does not enable start-up founders to exploit their full potential!

At Singulab during the next two years we select up to 15 companies and provide funding up to EUR 200,000 per projects in the form of equity and start-up grants.


80% of our funds comes from the European Union via the following tender
(„Innovációs ökoszisztéma építése (startup és spinoff)” (GINOP 2.1.5.))


Interested about

We are interested about:

  • Start-ups with products and services related to healthcare improvementsactive ageinghealthy livingsmart cities
  • Innovative services/products with international growth potential
  • Teams or even stand alone founders who are looking for bright individuals to team up with them
  • Founders and teams with willingness to learn from- and together with us

We are not interested about:

  • People who are not motived to cooperate and learn
  • Start-ups with products/services focused only on the Hungarian market
  • Pure mobile application developers
  • People who are not willing to give up any shares in their company in return of investment
  • Teams without any professional experiences